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If you have an Inventory Accuracy issue that you would like a guaranteed way to solve, and you have a team ready to learn how to do it, send an email to and let us know of your interest.  We can craft a workshop event just for you.
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Are You Still Struggling To Get Your Inventory Records Accurate? 
 — Do you still take an annual (at least) physical in hopes that it will
        cure the problem?
 — Have you spent lots of cash on a new ERP system and the
           problem still persists? 
 — Do you have lots of inventory, but seldom the right inventory? 
If this describes you, then here is the solution you've been waiting for.
Get that problem fixed once and for all.

Discover How To Get 95%+ Inventory Accuracy...
in 90 - 120 Days - Guaranteed!

This "Back-to-Basics" Workshop will help you get your
inventory balances to 95% accuracy (or better)

      - using your existing personnel and

      - using your existing systems. 

And you will never have to look back.


Watch for bonuses and early registration discounts!



A Participant Gets Results in 2 Months
After Bringing His Team to the BootCamp


"We needed to get serious about a problem we've had with inventory control for the last 15 years. Enlisting a team of people enabled us to get going right away.  Everyone got started with the knowledge and excitement needed to get a new project going and keep it on track.  I know after just 2 months, I've already got my money back a few times over.  Just think, fix 15 years of problems in 3 - 4 months.  The cost for training the team was not an expense, it was an investment in the future.  I also know we aren't letting our customers down nearly as much.  How much do you think that's worth?"

Rick Vanderkin, Director of Operations 

 Raabe Corporation  

Read real customer testimonial letters: Click Here


Dear Inventory Control / Supply Chain Professional,

Imagine for a moment - - - - - (stay with me here) - - - - - -

You've been having a great week. No major issues. It's now Friday afternoon, end of the month.

You need just two last items to complete the customer order.

You check the computer. — Says you have plenty. Great!

You print the pick ticket. — Even hand-carry it out to the stockroom. You are feeling good now.

Stockroom manager says there are none there. Can't be! Computer said they were there. You both look all over. You start scrambling throughout the warehouse, looking high, looking low, re-checking recent paperwork. It is not here. What happened?  — That's when you start feeling queasy. You already know what this weekend is going to look like, and it is not at the fairgrounds with your family. — Again!

Maybe you did not have to imagine this story. Maybe it has happened to you once or twice. Has it? Could this be you and your company?

If it has then this is for you. Allow me to ask you a key question, Please.

Have you ever stopped to figure out everything that goes on in your business when the computer inventory balances are not telling the truth? - You know, when the amount you expected to have on hand, is not really on hand.

An Honest Self-Analysis Can Be Revealing . . .
and Painful

Just for a moment - - - Think about. - - - -

  • How much time do you spend looking for missing parts that the computer told you were there? 

  • How often do you have to break into existing runs to make more of the missing parts? 

  • How often do you have to expedite an emergency purchase order to get some more because the item was not where it was supposed to be? 

  • How often do you pay premium freight to get the missing parts in? 

  • How often do parts shortages destroy the productivity of the shop? 

  • And how often does your department have to work overtime just to get the one item shipped to the customer? 

  • Do you then ever have to pay premium freight to get the product shipped to the customer? 

  • How many times have you been late on shipping to a customer because of a missing part?

  • And how much grief do you take when this happens? 
                              —  From your boss, because of poor performance? 
                              —  From your spouse for working so much overtime?

Now a million dollar question...

What does all this mean?

"It means that good inventory accuracy drives good performance and poor inventory accuracy drives poor performance."

And now the bonus question...

How much is bad inventory data
costing your company?

Have you ever thought about adding up the impact, in dollars, of what these things cost?  Well, we have.  We surveyed other companies who have calculated their costs.  Our survey data shows that poor inventory record accuracy costs your company millions.

1999 - 2002 Survey Data from over 1000 Companies

 If your company's sales are between:

 Then poor inventory record accuracy is costing your company:

$10 to $20 million $677,000 annually
$21 to $50 million $1,201,000 annually
$51 to $200 million $3,534,000 annually

To get more information on this survey data in our monthly email newsletter, Click here.

A plant manager who attended our BootCamp in 2001 had estimated  his company would see savings of $500,000 in annual operating costs after they achieved a 95% level of inventory accuracy. He runs a $70,000,000 business. I just spoke with him last week. He is now at 96% (yes you read that correctly) and he now believes his savings will be much closer to $2,000,000 per year. And, he is most excited because they were able to skip their annual physical inventory this year.

Now, if you are like many people, you have wanted to solve this big problem for a long time. You may have even created a team to work on this issue and as happens quite often, the day gets busy, the month gets harried and the team never has a chance to get going. It is also quite possible that your team might not really have known how to get started. . . . you know, never really got that plan of action put together so you had a roadmap to follow.

With poor inventory records,
your company stands out as
the weakest link in its supply chain.

Sounds painful, but true?

Well, it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools and approach. You see, dollar-for-dollar, nothing gives you a better return on your investment than improving inventory record accuracy. Really!  What if your company invested only 1/10th of what poor inventory accuracy is currently costing into an inventory accuracy improvement project.  That would be a 1000% return on your company's investment.   What if you could invest that and get even one half of the returns shown above?  You would still be a hero, wouldn't you?  Of course you would!

With poor inventory records,
your ERP or MRP investment
is wasted cash.

Are you one of those companies who has invested large sums of money and huge amounts of time in an ERP system, MRP system or supply chain software?  And people are still not happy with how its working.  Life is more complex now than it ever was.  The shop schedules and purchasing plans it produces are worthless.  You spend a lot of time expediting orders.  And to cover your behinds you make or buy a little more "just-in-case" inventory.  People are pointing fingers at the new system.   The bottom line is that the business has improved only marginally as a result of implementing the ERP / MRP system. 

Why?  Because the root cause of many problems that existed prior to the new system has not been fixed.  As it was before ERP, the root cause is still poor inventory accuracy, after ERP.

There is a trite old saying that, unfortunately, is still true today: "garbage in, garbage out".

However, with 95% inventory record accuracy, the schedules are believable, parts are available when needed, the shop is happy, you are happy, your boss is happy and your spouse is happy.  The ERP / MRP system is usable and reliable.  Think of how much better your life would be if you got those records fixed...finally.

So, where are we now?
You agree poor accuracy is a problem.
You know it is costing your company a small fortune.
You agree that the problem needs to be fixed.

It will take you years and can cost you another small fortune to figure out the proven path that makes inventory records accurate - while others will never get the improvements and will be at it their entire career.  Many go on blaming the underlying ERP or MRP software.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to figure out "how", you can now learn our proven path 8-step roadmap, that will get you that goal of 95%+ inventory record accuracy.

A Clear Roadmap Is Needed . . .
Not Just Some "nice to know" Information

Imagine if I could provide you with that roadmap. And if I told you that the roadmap was guaranteed to guide you to 95%+ inventory accuracy in 3-4 months?

Well, you can stop imagining, because that is exactly what this workshop is all about. It clearly spells out the proven path to 95% inventory accuracy. If you and your team can work the plan for 8 hours a week for 3-4 months, you will have the problem licked, once and for all - and never look back.

Now, imagine once more with me here. Imagine how you will feel and what your company will think of you, when you have achieved this goal. The pride . . . the accomplishment . . . the confidence!

Imagine...accurate inventory records will reduce your constant expediting, your never ending searches for missing parts, your painful overtime and your missed customer delivery dates.  It will also let you get home a little earlier each day and not work as many weekends. And now, anytime your customer calls, you can promise with confidence and deliver on-time, every time.    And you won't need that bottle of aspirin you keep stashed in your desk drawer.

Announcing a workshop so intense we call it a bootcamp:

Inventory Record Accuracy

That's right. As the name suggests, we have packaged 2-days with highly interactive sessions and examples on achieving inventory record accuracy.  This 2-day BootCamp has been conducted live for hundreds of companies over the past 7 years for companies that have chosen to improve their inventory accuracy. Click here to see previous participants have said about the Inventory Accuracy BootCamp.

The BootCamp consists of expert led discussions, exercises, team activities, breakouts and ample Question & Answer periods.  Because the workshop consists of other companies struggling with poor inventory accuracy, you will have a chance to network in a " judgment free" zone.

Our successful clients have been companies both large and small, companies in high tech and low tech, repetitive and discreet, union and non-union alike.

The one common theme we hear over and over again from the people who have participated in the live workshop is their wish that they could have brought additional members of their team along with them. So plan ahead to bring a team of people to the BootCamp.  Call us if you have questions about who the best people are to bring to the BootCamp.

In just 2 days you can launch your Inventory Record Accuracy project with all of the knowledge, tools and techniques (and confidence) necessary to get the job done.  Just think about it.  In one workshop, everything you need to finally get this troublesome and costly problem solved, once and for all.

Let me let you in on a secret: Cycle Counting is not the answer.  That's right.  We have found that Cycle Counting can keep your inventory records accurate after you get them accurate. But Cycle Counting simply takes way too long to get them 95%+ accurate in the first place.

From a Customer: "It works".


"I just wanted to affirm that your methodology for attaining Inventory Accuracy really works. At Nalge Nunc - Naperville we put together a cross functional team and followed the steps outlined in your Inventory Record Accuracy course. We achieved the results we were looking for. Top management was well pleased with our success as well as all of the participants. Our inventory accuracy went from less than 60% to 90%+. We still have a ways to go to achieve 95%+, but we continue to work at it."

Dennis Dobbs, CPM, CPIM, Materials Manager  

Nalge Nunc International  

Click to see more testimonials from satisfied customers.



How Do I Know This BootCamp Is Right For Me?  inventory accuracy self test

If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

What can this Inventory Accuracy BootCamp
 show you that you don't already know?

  1. You will develop a detailed plan of action for achieving 95%+ inventory record accuracy.  It will be summarized into 8 simple proven steps.  You will have over 24 distinctly identified deliverables your team will need to produce in order to achieve the goal.  The BootCamp supplies you with templates for many of these deliverables. People have told us this BootCamp feature is the first of its kind they have ever seen.

  2. By completing only the first lesson of the BootCamp you will have an estimate of the cost of poor inventory accuracy in your company.  We will show you how to sell this project to management.

  3. You will learn how to generate between 200 and 600 solutions to improve your inventory control processes once you return to work.

  4. You will learn the secrets on how to organize your stockrooms and/or point-of-use floor storage to allow greater inventory accuracy.

  5. You will learn the correct way to go about cycle counting, when to start, and how to select the initial parts.  You will discover tried and true techniques that are part of every successful cycle counting program.  You will see how and when to tie this new cycle counting program into the implementation of the new procedures and freshly reset inventory balances.

  6. You will recognize how to restructure your accountability and responsibility for sustaining inventory accuracy.  And you'll learn the most effective performance measures.

  7. You will walk through the steps of running this type of project to get to 95%+ inventory accuracy in 90 - 120 days.

     And many more things far too numerous to mention.

So, Exactly What Will You Learn At The BootCamp?

You will be able to experience the entire 8-step proven process for achieving inventory accuracy. All visuals used to illustrate points are included in the student guide. What is not included in the outline are the numerous networking discussions that take place in the hallway, at breaks or after the formal part of the day is complete.

Here is what you will experience:

Part 1: Preparing for Success - Discovery

  • The three cornerstones of team success

  • Five skills that each team member must have

  • The difference between accuracy and integrity

  • Discover the impact of lead time on inventory

  • How to choose the team for maximum success

  • How to sell your business case to top management

  • How to separate the people issues from the process problems

  • How to reduce the negatives of having a controlled stockroom

  • How to create a compelling business case for inventory accuracy

  • Why top management must lead - and how to convince them to

  • The things you must not forget in documenting the inventory flow

  • The most powerful team agenda to ensure a "no surprises" project

  • Overcoming the perceived risks of stocking parts on the shop floor

  • How to make optimum use of your factory blueprint to guide this project

  • How to overcome the common rationalizations for not fixing the problem

  • Understand the real impact of poor data integrity on your planning process

  • Why high levels of integrity must come before reducing the total inventory

  • Why you need to achieve inventory integrity above all other business goals

  • Why have many inventory accuracy projects been a career job - and

  • How to make sure yours is not


Part 2: Establishing the Process of Success - Design

  • The critical use of the transaction impact table

  • Why all procedures need a supporting flow chart

  • Understanding the correct storage unit of measure

  • How and when to train to ensure long term understanding

  • The critical importance of the daily transaction cut-off time

  • Why awareness training for everyone is absolutely essential

  • The most common stock room locating method to ensure success

  • How to use the transaction matrix to summarize the future condition

  • How and why to include those "fringe" players in the training process

  • Understanding the key differences between stock and work in process

  • How to identify the best storage multiple to support inventory accuracy

  • The six prerequisites to allowing any automatic deduct type transactions

  • The importance of creating an overall policy before enforcing procedures

  • How to use spin-off projects / teams to achieve the best long term solutions

  • The keys to identifying who is responsible for inventory and the transactions

  • How interchanging the terms "on-hand" and "available" will get you in trouble

  • How to reconcile the financial and the production perspectives on work in process

  • Realizing that back flushing is an earned right, not a birth right and what to do about it

Part 3: Confirming the Process of Success - Implementation

  • How to use the proven 8-step process on future projects

  • How to use counting tolerances in the appropriate manner

  • When to integrate location-based cycle counting into the mix

  • How to decide when and if you need to count work in process

  • How to make the daily selections of which parts to cycle count

  • How to utilize the 6-step process to making cycle counting be effective

  • When to start cycle counting to so it can help you achieve the 95% goal

  • How to use a cycle count control group in a way you would never imagine

  • How to make inventory accuracy be part of everyone's thinking, every day

  • Why a physical inventory puts more errors into the inventory than it takes out

  • Effective and simple ways to post results every day in each area of the business

  • How to ensure that you will never have to take another physical inventory - ever!

  • How to use your company problem solving methodology to get to the root of the problem

  • How to use cycle counting to get the results you always thought your physical inventory was achieving

  • How to organize inventory so that poor data integrity does not interfere with your lean production or demand flow objectives

Companies of All Types Have Benefited
From This BootCamp

wMapleLeaf Farms  wZenith Controls  wSouthern Imperial  wTRW  wWarner Electric  wNissan Forklift  wT.P. Orthodontics  wEaton Corp.  wWacker Corporation  wAcme Die-Cast  wAir-Tek  wBlackmer  wG.E. Thorsen  wWagner  wSpraytech  wHenkel  wMenasha Corp.  wWaukesha Cherry-Burrel  wGraham Company  wEnzymatic Therapy  wMercury Minnesota  wJ.J. Plank  wTrek Bicycles  wFort Howard Corp.  wCrafted Plastics Inc.  wKMC Stampings  wKenro Inc.  wFreedom Plastics  wStone Container  wLakeside Manufacturing  wSiemens Automotive  wUnion Carbide  wAbbott Labs  wDean Foods  wHarley-Davidson  wKohler Company  wPLC Medical Systems  wCustom Fire Inc.  wJasper Engines  wLear Corp.  wOhi Automotive  wPowder Coat Technology  wAgri-Fab  wMeridian Inc.  wDouble J Molding  wAmerican Rollform  wDover/Rotary Lift  wLobdell Emery  wSandusky Plastics  wBeckett Gas  wFisher Controls  wFlexsteel  wTriseal  wMajestic Steel  wMercury Aircraft  wSchutt Sports Group  wPowers & Sons  wUniversal Tool and Stamping  wPhilips Automotive Group  wFiamm Automotive,  wWalt Disney Records  wDanfoss Drives  wGolden County Foods  wOrion Safety Products  wADCO Products  wSystemax Manufacturing  wRolls Royce Corporation  wMartin Engineering  wRoche Diagnostics  wVisteon Automotive Systems  wFerrara Pan Candy Company  wMajestic Products Co  wDow Agrosciences  wALCOA CSI  wNorthstar Technologies  wThompson Consumer Electronics  wEli Lily  wPierce Manufacturing  wMaysteel  wOsmonics  wHusco Manufacturing  wR. S. Owens  wEbonite  wJ.W. Speaker  wRaabe Corp.,  and many others.

You may be wondering if this Inventory Record Accuracy BootCamp
is just a "bunch of theory" or a "sales pitch".

One quick look at the testimonials and the letters from satisfied customers show you that the approach is practical, it is a proven path and it gets results.  It is based upon a proven 8-step approach successfully used in a wide variety of industries and company sizes. It is not a bunch of academic theory.  You learn the complete solution.  It is not a "tease" where we show you part of the solution and then try to sell you on hiring us to get the rest of the solution.  No way.  You get ALL of the answers up-front.  The approach outlined in the BootCamp will get you to 95%+ inventory accuracy in 90 - 120 days.  And it will show you how to maintain that level of inventory accuracy forever.  What would that mean to your company?  What would that mean to you?

If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

Who are the workshop leaders?

Management Solutions International works with manufacturing companies who want an Edge in the marketplace, not just to maintain the status quo or troubleshoot an occasional problem, . . . and with decision makers (leaders) who want a Fresh approach to improving their business.  We are a team of experienced people who will educate, train and coach your people to understand and implement proven business tactics.  

We invest our time with companies who are looking to make significant improvements in the way they run their business.  Rather than going for the latest technology or buzzword of the month, we focus on the underlying business processes and the people who use them.  Our innovative, yet fundamental, approach allows you to achieve the outcomes you desire and require in the shortest amount of time.

We have what it takes to help you and your people achieve top line as well as bottom line results.  We leverage our experience with hundreds of companies, of various sizes and from many different industries. Put our Proven Process of Change to work for you.


Our ‘Without Compromise’ Beliefs:

w   Always do what is right for our clients.

w   Always create and conduct a value-added learning experience for our clients.

w   Always tell our clients the truth.

          THOMAS F. RIBAR, CFPIM is President of Management Solutions International, located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  He is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of process improvement strategies and has extensive experience in the area of Inventory Record Integrity.  He has worked with hundreds of companies to help them raise the integrity of their inventory records up to levels of excellence that had before been only a dream.  For over two decades Tom has been helping manufacturers, in a wide variety of industries, fundamentally change their business.  His reputation for helping companies “cut to the chase” and get things done is what keeps getting him invited him back to take on additional challenges.

          Mr. Ribar has a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering and a Master's degree in Industrial Administration from the Krannert Graduate School of Management, also at Purdue.

          Tom presents frequently for professional organizations like APICS and INC. Magazine on many varied management and business improvement topics.  He has earned distinction for helping audiences take the mystery out of effecting positive and profitable change in their businesses.  In addition to being a member of manufacturing and quality organizations like ASQ, AME and the American Production and Inventory Control Society, where he is a certified Fellow, he is also active in the National Speakers Association and a past president of the Wisconsin chapter.


If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about:
The Inventory Accuracy BootCamp

Q: I'm really not clear on this, are you offering me a collection of inventory procedures that I need to implement in purchasing, the stockroom, shipping, receiving etc?

Answer: No, we are definitely not providing your inventory procedures. The procedures you will need to follow in each of the departments you mentioned will be unique to your company. What is included in the BootCamp is a proven 8-step process for you to use in your project to achieve 95% inventory accuracy in your business. Now, I will assure you, one of the steps in the proven 8-step process will require you to create those procedures as well as the procedures for a number of other functional areas in your company who impact your inventory integrity.

Q: Can't I just do this project myself?  Why do I need a team?

Answer: Well, if you are a small organization, you can probably be successful with a team made up of yourself and maybe one or two others.  If you are the only person who can impact the inventory balances in your business, then single attendee approach is your best choice. I caution you, however, to really think this one through. It would be very unlikely, except in only the smallest of companies, if only one person impacts inventory balances. If, however, that is not true, then a team, representing those departments that can impact inventory balances should attend.  At this point, the light bulb goes on for some people and they want to explore in-house workshops.

"By bringing our team, we established a common understanding of the eight step process, which generated a level of enthusiasm and  camaraderie that we carried forward into a well defined project which could not and did not fail.

By bringing a multifunctional team, we established upfront, that this project will be driven from the bottom up, not dictated from the top down. The single most rewarding aspect of this project to me was watching our manufacturing and material handling people who went to this "boot camp", become involved, and develop into leaders.  This process has allowed them to experience a level of personal growth, which could not have happened without the seminar.

Knowledge can be picked up and brought back.  The team, however, brought back much more than I ever could.  Following our seminar, I was amazed at the feedback and perceptions I received, which differed from my own. It made me realize how true the saying is "We hear what we want to hear".  Because of the team approach, I was able to set aside my own personal biases for the sake of change and improvement."

Steve Nodgaard, Materials Manager

Q: OK, to make up my team, who should attend this workshop?

Answer: This workshop is for the person who will actively be leading the team and managing the project (In the quote above, Steve attended).  This person's manager should also attend, so he/she understands what the team needs to do in order to accomplish their goal( In the quote above, Steve's boss, Pat Remfert - Plant Manager, attended) .  Then, selected team members should also attend.  These team members should be from the stockrooms, receiving/shipping areas, material handlers and key production personnel.

Q: How can I afford to have my key people away for 2 days at the same time?

Answer: You are right on track by recognizing that the Inventory Accuracy processes will require your KEY people. Quick, what would you do if your key people were not able to be in for the next two days? You would delegate, wouldn't you? Now, what if you were confronted with that same problem, but your response time was three to eight weeks out? The delegation could be made in an easier fashion. With the significant benefits that can be achieved through improved inventory accuracy, the smart and savvy manager would start making delegation plans today to ensure that you and your team can join us.

Q: I manage multiple warehouses in cities all the state. Can I make use of this 8-step process that you teach in the BootCamp?

Answer: Yes, for sure you can. I offer a couple of cautions however. First, you need to use the methodology in one warehouse first, and ensure that you achieve the 95% goal before you move on to the next warehouse. You know, create a pilot project so you can learn the methodology and become comfortable and confident with it. You will also very likely be able to use the procedures that you develop in the first warehouse as a base for the procedure creation in the other warehouses. For you to be successful, you will need a team of people who represent the different part functions in the warehouse. DO NOT TRY TO LAUNCH MULTIPLE PROJECTS . . . ONE AT EACH WAREHOUSE!

Q: I've been to a lot of workshops before. Many of them have been on the topic of inventory control and warehouse management. I leave thinking "That's interesting . . . now what?"  How is this BootCamp so different?

Answer: It is important to note that the workshops we conduct are very different from your previous experiences at other workshops. I know that because our BootCamp was created out of my many years of being frustrated at attending the other workshops like you described.

Your experience with us will be very different. People finish our boot camps and workshops with an 8-step plan of action that they can begin to implement immediately when they return to the plant. No wasted time asking, "What did we learn?" and "Where do we start?" You know who needs to be on the team, where to start, what progress looks like, what the deliverables should be, and what steps you need to follow to be successful. There is nothing left to the imagination.

Q: If this an 8-step process, will I see results after I do each step?

Answer: The short answer is No. The 8-step process includes steps of discovery, design and implementation of your improved inventory process in your business. You should not really expect to see improvements along the way with one exception. Many companies tell us that they experience a slight increase in their inventory integrity early in the process due mainly to the fact that the awareness level has gone up because everyone is talking about inventory and how important accuracy is.

What will this workshop look like?

The workshop requires two long, intense days. You need to arrive ready to work. There will not be time during the day to sneak in a round of golf or lounge by the pool. We will keep you busy during the day. If you want to treat yourself to a day of golf, you better come early or stay an extra day.

We will be lecturing and leading you in discussion. You will be applying what you have learned in exercises. You will be working with the members of your team of people who you came with on case studies. You will be getting answers to your questions. We will be discussing your situations and, when time allows, analyzing them on an individual basis. You will be building an actual "TO DO" list of very specific actions you will be taking when you return to the plant. And you will be receiving a super-sized Workshop Manual with all the course visuals and handouts (and room for all your valuable notes) for you to take home as a permanent reference.

Even though this is a rigorous BootCamp, we have some fun, too. To incent your team to actively participate, there will be vacation packages awarded to the best team results.

We are limiting the number of participants in order to ensure our ability to answer any and every question you might pose. No overcrowded, impersonal, ineffective ballroom settings of 100+ people.

You need to consider this limitation when making your arrangements to attend. A delay of just one day in registering could easily make the difference between your team getting in or being locked out. We urge you to fill out the enclosed registration form and submit it, preferably by fax, immediately.

Note: There will NOT be a parade of guest speakers, nor will there be a string of "commercials." This is a serious workshop focused on solving all problems related to Achieving Inventory Accuracy in 90 - 120 days.

You'll be meeting and talking with other professionals
who have been struggling with inventory accuracy,
but are here to learn how to correct this nagging problem.

They will be from big companies and smaller organizations; from high tech to low tech; from private to public; and all types and sizes in between. You will be networking with others who have dealt with and are dealing with many of the same issues and concerns that you have. There is no way to even predict the wealth of experiences that will be present that you will be learning from. We can predict, however, that each participant will have a common goal - to develop a plan of action to solve supply and demand imbalance problems in their business. Many times the interaction with others in the workshop is just as valuable as what you hear from the workshop leaders. Come to share your experiences and expect to learn from others.

Still not convinced? Let me offer a link to...

10 Reasons Why Inventory Teams Are Willing To
Crawl Across Broken Glass
To Be Able To Participate In This BootCamp

If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

Customer Testifies To The Wisdom of
Bringing a Team To This BootCamp



"I am thankful we brought our entire team of eight (8) to this powerful inventory record accuracy bootcamp. Upon returning to our company, instead of calling a meeting to discuss what we learned at the bootcamp and how we might start our project, we were able to put into practice the ideas we learned right away. Although we are only in the early stages of our project, we have already improved inventory accuracy by 25%."

T. Parham, Purchasing Manager
Dana Corporation

Click to see even more testimonials.


Pricing and Early Registration Discounts

When we conduct this 2-day Inventory Accuracy BootCamp on-site for a company, the cost ranges from $12,000 to $20,000, depending upon the number of participants and the amount of tailoring involved.  While many companies find this to be an excellent investment, it might not be right for you.

But you don't have to pay anywhere near that amount here.  Your fee investment for the Inventory Record Accuracy BootCamp is just $997 per participant.  The following table provides Team Incentives and Early Registration Incentives.


Register & Pay On or Before

BOOTCAMP Registrations December 15, 2003 December 28, 2003
   When you buy… 2 at $997 ea 2 at $997 ea
   You get this many free 2 FREE 1 FREE

The Investment In Your "120 Day Success" Is Modest . .
Compared to the Cost of Inaccurate Inventory

Think back to the costs of poor inventory accuracy we introduced at the start.  Now compare the BootCamp investment to the conservative cost savings of $677,000 and you see that the return is HUGE.  Even if you reduced the $677,000 down to $500.000, or even cut that in half to $250,000, the opportunity is still terrific.  And remember my friend the Plant Manager who conservatively estimated $500,000 in savings and will actually produce cost savings of over $2,000,000.

That's a great value, isn't it?

Don't forget to add in the cost reduction associated with the elimination of your annual physical inventory.  That is another HUGE out-of-pocket number in most companies, without even adding in lost production time when you shut down to do the counting. 

And finally, think about how much better your new ERP or MRP system will perform with high quality inventory data.  Think about how much better your shop schedule will be, too.

If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

Your Investment in the BootCamp has a
100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your success in using this proven Inventory Record Accuracy BootCamp is completely guaranteed.  In fact, here's our 100% "Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee": 

"I personally guarantee that your investment is completely protected by our "better-than-risk-free" guarantee.  If you're dissatisfied for any reason -- I will refund your entire payment.  So no matter what, you're covered.  Let me say it again.  We are confident that our approach will get you results.  But if you aren't 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund.  The risk is all mine, not yours.  That's the way it should be, right?  You have absolutely No Risk."

Is that fair or what?

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us and the BootCamp. If you don’t produce improvements in inventory accuracy using this guaranteed 8 step process, then we're the losers, not you.

Now just one more thing. - You might be thinking, "Don't a lot of people take advantage of this guarantee? Don't they just attend the BootCamp and then ask for a full refund, so it actually costs them nothing to gain from the knowledge it brings them for the full term of the project? Aren't you opening yourself up to be 'ripped off'?"

Cheerfully, I can say that the answer is "No." I am sure I have been taken advantage of before, and it surely will happen again, but I have been very pleased with the high quality of people we have been able to meet and work with. I can easily come to that conclusion judging by the large number of testimonial letters and notes we get on a regular basis. The vast majority of the people who attend our BootCamps are honest and trustworthy and they understand the guarantee to be exactly what it is, a time to try out the process, and if it really does not do what I promised, then get the refund. I believe in the integrity of our customers just like I believe in the integrity of your inventory when you complete your project.

If you are ready to register, click here ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In This
Inventory Record Accuracy BootCamp.

Look at it this way, $997 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are wasting every day — on Chasing parts, Expediting material, and Carrying too much "just-in-case" inventory.

Attendance is Definitely Limited

Yes, we have intentionally limited the number of participants.  We have done this to maximize the instructor interaction and to allow your team activities to be valuable for you.  No ballroom of hundreds of people where you feel like a number.  Once, several years ago, we allowed too many participants and we told ourselves "never again".  You will be happier as a participant in a smaller group. But that means you need to get moving, get approval and get your registration and payment in.

We've made it easy to get started right away. Just click on one of the REGISTER buttons. Then print out the registration form, fill it out and fax or mail it to us (we do not take orders electronically, yet). We will add you to our Inventory Accuracy BootCamp "Planned Attendee" Roster.  When payment is received, we will lock-in your seat in the BootCamp.  You need to hurry, because of our participant limit.

And then get ready to get the job done that no one in your company has ever been able to get done before...get 95% inventory record accuracy. And experience a smooth running shop, with happy customers. It's the only real way out of your current dilemma.

OK, I'm ready to register for the BootCamp ... inventory record accuracy bootcamp

Thank you.


supply chain tommy
Thomas F. Ribar, CFPIM

P.S. You may be wondering if this Inventory Record Integrity BootCamp really works.  This is quite natural.  I can tell you everything about the BootCamp, but for some, that is just not enough.  Some need to hear from others who can vouch for the credibility of the workshop . . .that you really can do what we claim.  Well, for the skeptics, I have reserved a special page of customer letter testimonials. One quick look at these testimonial letters from satisfied customers who have attended the live workshop, and You'll see that the approach is practical, it is proven and it gets results. See a full description of all of these customer testimonial letters by clicking HERE.

P.P.S. Again, for the person who needs to be free from all risk, I want to remind you of my 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Click HERE to revisit the guarantee.  But first, let me add a special "IF" to the guarantee.  IF, at the end of the first day, you do not believe this workshop will help you get to 95% Inventory Accuracy, THEN let me know right then and there.  You can be on your way home and your 100% refund will be in the mail the next day. 

P.P.P.S. You may be at the point where you need to call us to answer any final questions or to talk with us about how you apply the knowledge you gain at this BootCamp.  I imagine you would need to say "yes" if your boss asked you if you contacted us.  Please feel free to call us, for any reason, at 1-800-367-1422.

Px4.S. A plant manager who attended a Boot Camp in 2001 had estimated an annual savings of $500,000 in annual operating costs when he achieved a 95% level of inventory accuracy throughout his company. He runs a $70,000,000 business. I just spoke with him last week. He is now at 96% (yes you read that correctly) and he now believes his savings will be much closer to $2,000,000 per year. And, he is most excited because they were able to skip their annual physical inventory this year.

Px5. S. We offer a short monthly newsletter (much shorter than this letter) that provides timely tips to people working on lean, inventory, supply chain, ERP or MRP and other manufacturing topics.  Its FREE.  To learn more about the newsletter, Click here.



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